Short Handed Texas Holdem – Short Strategies That Don’t Work

Are you worried that you are doing something fundamentally wrong when playing short handed Texas Holdem? Make sure you aren’t using these strategies that don’t work.

No matter how long you have been playing poker, whether you play online or in real life, I know that you, like me, realise the importance of a solid short handed Texas Holdem strategy. For this reason, you are going to love reading this article.

The problem is, most players don’t know how to play this style of poker88 properly. Most aren’t confident with their game and are worried they are playing wrong. But actually, the reason they aren’t confident is that they are utilising the wrong strategy.

How would you feel if you knew exactly the secrets to playing successfully and easily winning at a short handed table? Think about how much money you would make, how much you would win per hour, and how you would quiet the noise in your brain for making such a useful decision. Well read on as I reveal the five biggest mistakes most players make when they are playing at a short table.

The First Of The Big Five Big Mistakes To Make When You Are Playing At A Short Table

The first and worst mistake to make when playing at a short table is not having a good strategy. Honestly, having a strategy is crucial, like how to play AA or KK. Having a big ole stack of chips isn’t going to help you very much if you can’t play them properly.

How would it feel if you could stack the entire crap out of a twenty nine dollar on the table and hold onto it without even needing to count how much you had, just like in Holdem? Do you know what it would feel like to have this secret on how to instantly and easily win a lot of money? Imagine how great it would feel to not even need to have to think about how to play your cards, you would be so confident right away.

I know in my heart, that I want to reveal all of the secrets on how to make a lot of money instantly when I am playing at a short table, but realise that the only way I can do this is if you are first to make your move and remain confident in what you are doing.

The Second Of The Big Five Big Mistakes To Make When You Are Playing At A Short Table

The second mistake most players make when they are playing at a short table is that they get nervous and forget to hand their cards. This is a very common mistake to make as you are dealing with less people and you are just one step away from blackjack or the customer.

You are definitely nervous as if the cards are coming out you are a lot less likely to win as the other players are looking at the cards and hoping their cards didn’t get checked. However, you forget about getting your cards as the money is coming in.

I was actually talking to a fellow player the other day that placed a very big bet and I told him (after asking him for a bit) that in his position if he was card dead, he should fold. He said no, he would call whatever bet but not raise. Then when he was card dead, he folds.

It is OK to fold then and don’t worry, you have not lost anything. He went on to win a few hands later with lovely cards. At the end of the first he announced he was card dead, another guy with a few tens placed a big bet and he called only due to nervousness.

Always forget about what cards you have. It doesn’t matter as you are playing purely for pot odds. If you stay in for the flop, great, if not, don’t worry.

The Third Of The Big Five Big Mistakes To Make When You Are Playing At A Short Table

The third mistake is a little one yet very insidious. It is not playing aggressively enough. It’s not raising enough. It’s not selectively betting enough.

You will be card dead, so you need to raise pre-flop, bet post-flop, always raise out, and be aggressive. Leave the anxiety and fear in your brain at home. If you allow your anxiety to eat you, you won’t get anywhere and neither will you be able to win.

Short tables are more eager for you to be aggressive. If you are not aggressive enough, they will end up going all in with hands that aren’t so strong. If you are, though, you will see more blinds (but not from the blinds, only from the big blind) and therefore be more likely to win.

How would it feel if you could steal the blinds from the big blind, or even better, the pot from the small blind.